Charter Service

All passengers will have NT$2 Millions of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance, NT$3 Millions of Third Party Liability Insurance, and NT$5 Millions of passenger insurance.

Travelling is one of the best way of relaxing, and to regain energy for your body. Our drivers upholding the principle of customers to be the top priority, saving You all the troubles of driving, transitting, waiting and planning, then You can enjoy yourself and have a best fun. You may also propose your preferences, so our professional drivers will take you to your ideal journey and places. All vehicles of our company do possess a high amount of insurance, make your trip to be insured. After the confirmation of the trip, let us take you to enjoy your trip of the day, be relaxed and unburdened.

Charter service for continuous days and to have accmmodations in trip, bill will be charged by hourly rate everyday, overtime shall be made up to the sum. (Price varies upon by vehicle types, please refer to the price list) Charter service includes overnight sessions will be a must to give a tip to the driver for accommodation which is NT$1000 per night.


Charter Service Basic Hours Sedans Imorted Luxury Cars/Vans
Entire Taipei Area 8 5000 6000
Keelung 8 5500 6500
Yilan 8 6000 7000
Taichung 8 6000 7500
Nantou 8 7000 8500
Chiayi 8 7000 8500
Tainan 8 8000 9500
Kaohsiung 8 9000 10500

※Overtime Surcharge: Business sedans are NT$500 / hour; Imported Luxury Cars/Vans are NT$600 / hour.

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