Passenger Information

  • What services do we provide ?
  • Services included Airport Pick-Up, Business Pick-Up, Long & Short term Business Rent, Daily Tour Rental, Wedding Limousine, and Driver Employment.
  • How to receive Discount Code offer?
  • Please pay attention and subscribe our "Warm Shuttle" Fans page, will have random activities from time to time, and to giving out free discount code. In addition, When You Enjoy your time with the "Warmth" Pick Up, Try to ask for a name card which comes with the "Warmth" seclected driver Discount Code. 
  • What are the opening hours ?
  • Online booking is 24 hours available on the website, please do make your reservation before 48 hours.
  • What is the service range ? Is It possible to locate our home address ?
  • Applicable range for Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, other areas have to be booked in early and we will try the best to arrrange.
  • How to pay ?
  • "Warm Shuttle" does accept O'Pay QR code, online credit card, ATM transferring, or cash.
  • What are the car models, and limited numbers of passengers ?
  • "Warm Shuttle" has a plenty choices of cars for you to choose, only cost you extra NT$300 for a luxury car, auto-upgrade to a Van with extra NT$300 when you have 3 or more people, with a capacity of 8 seats maximum, as we try to do our best for your comfort.
  • What's the vehicle capacity for luggages?
  • Capacity for luggages

    General vehicles - Capable of 3 passengers with 1 baby safety seat, 2 large luggages or 4 small luggages. Not counting the driver.

    8 Seats Van - Capable of 8 passengers, with 2 baby safety seats, 6 large luggages or 10 small luggages. Not counting the driver.  

    Luxury Cars - Capable of 3 passengers, with 1 baby safety seat, 2 large luggages or 4 small luggages.

  • If there's any extra payment for midnight shift ?
  • Yes, necessary ! To give some courage to our dedicated drivers who works in between 23:00PM ~ 05:59AM midnight. 
  • Does Child/Baby count for a seat ? Any Safety Seat provided ?
  • Yes, According to the laws it is necessary to have a safety seat for a baby/child, and we do provide this optional service. If a safety seat is needed, please tick the option while booking through the system. Surcharge applies. 
  • What happens if flight delay or flight cancellation ?
  • Due to flight delay for over 30mins or flight cancellation which results our customers to be unable to show up at the airport on time, please contact us as soon as possible for refunding reasons, not applied for flight delay which is less than 30mins. Customers shall be aware of 60mins ~ 90mins time for Customs and luggages after landing.
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